Artist Spotlight: Megan Bent

Artist Spotlight: Megan Bent

Chlorophyll print on hosta leaf, Image Description: A teardrop-shaped hosta leaf on a black background. Printed in the chlorophyll is a self-portrait while wearing a face mask. My face takes up the whole leaf and only one eye is visible through overgrown sweeping hair. The face mask is decorated with vine and leaf patterns.
Quarantine Day 121, 2020

Meet our next featured artist- Megan Bent! Megan was getting ready to install work from Latency at the Open Door Gallery in Boston when the pandemic started and her exhibition had to be put on hold. We are so grateful for the opportunity to introduce Megan to you and share her innovative and creative work!

chlorophyll print on hosta leaf, Image description: A vertical hosta leaf on a black background. Printed in the chlorophyll is a hand holding a necklace with a spoon pendant up to the sun. In the middle is a black text box with white text “in Crip Time”.
I Live In Crip Time, 2021

In Megan’s words:

“Hi, My name is Megan. I am a chronically ill/disabled lens-based artist. For the past five years, I have mainly focused on the process of chlorophyll printing which uses photosynthesis to print images onto leaves. I use this process to connect disability and nature and embrace the interdependence and slowness of this alternative photographic process. My most recent series I Don’t Want To Paint A Silver Lining Around It is a personal reflection of being chronically ill and immunocompromised during the pandemic. The images being highlighted are from this series. Another project Latency examines living with invisible illness and reclamation of the medicalized body.”

Megan is currently part of the Art Beyond Sight Art+Disability Residency and we will be having a group exhibition in the Spring. She is also currently working on an exciting multimedia installation for an upcoming three-person exhibition A Room For Duration at Alternative Space 298 in Pohang, South Korea curated by Sun Jung and Jungfrausis.

If you would like to read more about Megan’s work and process please check out Analog Forever Magazine Edition 5 Winter 2021, Fraction Magazine Issue 148, or her website.  

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