Our School Programs partners teaching artists and classroom teachers to develop arts-integrated learning experiences that promote pride, access, connection and expression and support students’ academic, social/emotional and artistic growth, through drama, dance, visual arts, music, and media arts.


Our School Programs provide inclusive arts education to over 800 students, grades PreK-12 in 8 Boston Public Schools.  
That means 3000 hours of learning, creating, engaging, and collaborating in our classrooms!

Outcomes and Impact

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73% of students
demonstrated academic growth
in language arts, science, social studies or mathematics

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85% of students
demonstrated artistic growth in visual arts, music, drama, or multimedia arts

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72% of students
demonstrated social and emotional growth including communication, self-expression, and team-building skills.

77% of teachers
reported growth in their confidence to incorporate and integrate the arts into their own instruction

Collage of self-portraits of young children, made with black and white photos decorated with bright colors
Self-portraits by students at Adams Elementary


Our School Programs partner with schools to provide inclusive arts instruction to students of all ages, all levels of experience, and all learning styles. We pairs highly skilled teaching artists with classroom teachers to develop art-integrated learning experiences that support students’ academic, social/emotional and artistic growth, and promote pride, access, expression and connection through a variety of art forms.  

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OUR schools

Stitched construction made from various pieces of fabric in various colors. Some have small writing on them.

Boston Green Academy (Brighton)
Visual Arts
9th - 12th grade

Teenage girl sitting, watching and reaching her hand towards her female teacher, who is playing the guitar

Charlestown High School (Charlestown)
9th - 12th grade

Collage of stitched fabric. One appears to look like a sun, one appears to be on a t-shirt

Comm. Academy of Science and Health (Dorchester)
Visual Arts
9th - 12th grade

Person's hands composing a collage of felt shapes. Many more colorful felt shapes can be seen in the background.

Fenway High School         (Boston)
9th-12th grade

Young child playing with a handmade puppet of a person. In the background is a mural with houses made of collaged paper.

New Mission High (Hyde Park)
9th -12th grade

Two students face each other and raise their arms to connect their hands

Higginson Elementary (Mattapan)
Music and Dance
PreK - 2nd grade

Artwork collage of a house and people over a yellow background

West Zone ELC (Jamaica Plain)
PreK - 1st Grade


Young child sitting on a rug playing a pink ukulele

Brighton High School (Jamaica Plain)
PreK - 1st Grade


A black and white headshot of a woman with long hair and bangs facing the camera

Stephanie Charlton


Alexander Benjamin Conley

Alexander Conley


black and white photo of teaching artists, Esia Hernandez, a woman with long black hair, seated, facing the camera and smiling

Esia Hernandez-Edmunson


black and white photo of Halle Katz a white woman standing in front of foliage smiling with long black hair

Halle Katz


Profice headshot of Silvina Mizrahi facing the side smiling with her hands under her chin and long brown hair down

Silvina Mizrahi

Visual Arts

headshot of Dunja Pechstein with short brown hair and a closed mouth smile facing the camera

Dunja Pechstein


Woman with short light hair, wearing cat eye glasses

Jodi Schmidt

Visual Arts


Teacher at Adams Elementary

“My students transferred the skills learned in COOL Schools and applied them to other opportunities for making new artwork. Students are more comfortable in their artistic ability.”

Teacher at Adams Elementary

Teacher at Ellison Parks Early Education School

“I can't tell you how many times I heard encouraging words from peer to peer!

Teacher at Ellison Parks Early Education School

Special Education Teacher at Elm Street Elementary

“Having COOL Schools has given me a variety of tools and methods in which I can use literacy and arts to teach a lesson. The program taught me that art is one way in which many students can comfortably express what they have learned about a given topic.”

Special Education Teacher at Elm Street Elementary

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