"Outside the Box" Artists from Community Access to the Arts (CATA) and Seven Hills Pediatric Center

On view:
October 8, 2019- January 9, 2020
Opening reception: October 9, 12:30 - 2:00 pm

Creativity meets Technology

Discover the incredible paintings created by artists using adaptive art-making techniques— and explore the processes that allow them to bring their creative vision to life. "Outside the Box" highlights work by artists using Artistic Realization Technologies (A.R.T.), a process developed by artist Tim Lefens, and Free Expressions, a technique derived from the A.R.T. process.

These innovative techniques give full artistic control to people with significant physical disabilities through the use of laser pointers and close collaboration with a trained “tracker” who acts as the artists’ hands. Through these techniques, artists are able to express their creative ideas and create stunning works of art.

The tracker – artist relationship
Trackers prompt A.R.T. artists with a series of “yes” and “no” questions that give them authority over each artistic decision in the creation of a painting. The artist decides the size of the canvas, the composition and orientation of the work, the color and thickness of the paint, and the tool and speed with which it is applied to the canvas, using a laser pointer followed by the tracker or plotting points on the canvas until an image emerges.

As a tracker, you have to commit to being present and not lead and not act on your opinion. What you like, they might paint over. It makes you realize that it’s truly their process, that you are the hands but the painting doesn’t belong to you.”
- Michael Wolski, CATA Tracker

Silver canvas with drips of orange and splashes of purple, white, turquoise, and blue in the forefront.
Untitled by Wendell Roque
Blue canvas with a large yellow circle in the lower left corner and a slightly smaller black circle just above it which is surrounded by a large red ring - small splashes of yellow and gold are throughout the painting.
Untitled by Christopher Paleo
Abstract painting with evenly layered brushstrokes of bright yellow, pink, green and red over a dark purple background with clusters of dark blue spots.
"Outside The Box" by Carol Neuhaus
Red canvas with drips of black, turquoise, and yellow streaming down the painting.
Untitled by Eric Voss
Abstract painting with interweaving red and yellow brush strokes, accented by thin, vertical, black drips of paint over a bright blue background.
"Primack" by Kim Campbell
A busy array of asymmetric red and black stripes on canvas with a splash of yellow in the upper left corner and a swipe of green, purple, and black in the lower center.
Untitled by Yaritza Diaz
Painting with bold pink and red thick brushstrokes over a black background
"Sky High" by Katrina Couture