Meet our Gallery Fellow – Sara Klugman

Meet our Gallery Fellow – Sara Klugman


Photo of Sara Klugman outdoors with many trees in the background

I was born and raised in Shutesbury, Massachusetts. I have lived in Minnesota and New York City, and most recently I am returning from a few years in Jerusalem. I am currently in the Arts in Education program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the Ed.M class of 2020.

What are your favorite pastimes?
"I love to sing everything and anything — if you see me on the street, on campus, or in my home, I will likely be singing. I adore dancing, and find a lot of joy in cooking with and without recipes. I love being with friends and I like comfortable silence."

If you could be a cartoon character, who would you be?
"I would be Squirt — the small and playful sea turtle in Finding Nemo. Squirt and his community 'surfs' the East Australian Current — a stream of warm water that runs along the east coast of Australia. I like Squirt's adventurous spirit, and I share his love of swimming. I think that it would be a really beautiful life to travel in the tides of the South Pacific with my friends and family."

You are trapped on an island.  What three items do you want to have with you?
"I would absolutely want to have a loved one with me, so I'll just pretend 'item' can also be a beloved human. Otherwise, I'd bring good books and a nice pillow."

Do you have any uncommon talents or quirks?
"Yes. I am really good at limbo — I always won at all of my friend's and family's bar and bat mitzvahs. I really love sweeping the floor, and folding laundry."

What brings you to VSA?
"I believe many paths brought me here. In my experience as a writer, dancer, and thinker — my artistic life has grounded me, connected me, and rooted me in this world. I believe with my full self that arts learning is a human right, and through my work experience in high schools and arts institutions, have explored many routes to make arts spaces more accessible. This year, I am thrilled to be able to learn from the important work and practices of VSA's work to promote relevant, exciting, and inclusive arts programming."

What are you doing during your fellowship?
"I'm a Gallery Fellow primarily supporting the work at the Open Door Gallery in Boston. I will be supporting the installation and curation of shows, opening and community events with the community and COOL Schools students, and will also help to manage social media and sales."


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