Our innovative programs support students, educators, artists, and cultural organizations to foster learning, promote inclusion, and provide outlets for artistic expression and creative voice

COOL Schools

COOL Schools (Creative Outlook on Learning) partners teaching artists and classroom teachers to develop arts-integrated learning experiences that promote inclusion, support students’ academic, social/emotional and artistic growth, and deepen engagement through drama, dance, visual arts, music, and media arts.

Young students standing and reaching with their arms up

Painting by Dominic Killiany with several abstract tigers in bright colors

Open Door Galleries

In Boston and Worcester, our galleries showcase the work of emerging and established artists with disabilities to advance career opportunities, increase visibility and representation, and serve as platforms for the community to have important conversations about disability, identity, and culture.

Training & Professional Development

Through our trainings and professional development, we coach educators, administrators, artists, and staff from cultural organizations to become more inclusive practitioners, create universally-designed programming, and develop policies and practices that encourage meaningful participation and inclusion of all people.

Group of educators sitting in round tables attending a presentation, there is a projector screen in the background

Young students seen from the back as they watch a performance on a theater stage

Community Engagement

Opportunities for connection, celebration, and creation through the arts are at the heart of our mission. Open Door Arts curates conversations, events, and experiences designed to bring together inclusive communities by enjoying and making art.