Artist Spotlight: George Elbthal

Artist Spotlight: George Elbthal

An oil painting of a small barn in a field of snow with red doors and green trees.

This artist spotlight is a very special one that we are sharing in remembrance of George Elbthal.  George was an artist from Ayer, MA whose oil paintings were inspired by New England landscapes and places important to his family and friends. George is missed by many and we are grateful to be able to share his work with you.  

A photo of George Elbthal, a man with light skin and short brown hair standing with his arms crossed, smiling, wearing a burgundy polo shirt and blue hat

More about George from his family: 

George was born with Down Syndrome. The doctors in the 1970’s that helped deliver him forewarned that he wouldn’t be able walk or talk to any “functional” capability. But his parents had more hope for him, and they would soon realize that George would do so much more.

George grew up in Ayer, Massachusetts.  He loved playing outside with his 4 siblings in the backyard of their old Victorian home. He ran around, played basketball, built forts and even participated in the Special Olympics. He was known as quite the chatterbox with his own sense of humor.

His mother, a talented artist and musician, saw a potential in George for painting. She found a teacher to give George private lessons. George progressed as quickly as any student, and what ensued was years of beautiful paintings, dozens, perhaps even hundreds of them.

George painted from photographs, and often his paintings were of nature, Christian depictions, and places important to his family members including a church and fort in France where his brother was married. 

George created tremendous beauty in his paintings, but he created tremendous value in his relationships as well. He had close family and friends, and after his mother passed away, he spent time living with his siblings and their families. George’s memory and impact will continue to live on through his art.  

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  1. I wish I had met George, and would welcome the opportunity to see his work shown in a gallery.

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