Meet the Teaching Artist – Leo Colon

Meet the Teaching Artist – Leo Colon

In my instrumental and vocal classes besides learning the rudiments of music, performance craft and creativity, my students learn about collaborating and working together while being part of an ensemble. This training allows them the opportunity for self-expression, for developing confidence, responsibility, punctuality, self-awareness, discipline, communication skills, compassion, trust, autonomy, leadership, and time management. Each one of these skills is stressed in my classes from day one. Other benefits that my students receive are the opportunity to work outside of their comfort zone, which encourages them to think outside the box.

My students are exposed to music from other cultures, time periods, and styles, which allows them to develop cultural competency. The group dynamics and the exposure to music with social and political commentary foster social awareness and their ability to respond to social issues. Other benefits of musical training include: the development of their emotional intelligence, reaffirmation of identity, problem solving, goal setting, network building, and an array of social skills including mentoring.

Leo Colon is a professional musician with over 30 years of experience. He attended Berklee College of Music and has a degree in music from the University of Massachusetts. He works primarily with middle and high school students and has been sharing his passion for music with the New England community for over 25 years. Leo has worked with over a thousand students and many of them have made music making a permanent part of their lives. By teaching classes on guitar, bass, piano, drums, songwriting, theory, and voice as well as leading ensembles and groups he has made an impact in a community of young musicians who perform regularly at fundraiser events, in their churches, professional venues, open mics, weddings, private parties, and other social events.

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