Now on Exhibit: Megan Bent at ODG@WAM

Now on Exhibit: Megan Bent at ODG@WAM

Two calla lily leaves placed horizontally on a black background. On each leaf, printed in the chlorophyll, is a cascading series of my shadow as I walk.
“Quarantine Day 450 (The Ephemeral Gait of a Crip Walking)”

The Open Door Gallery at the Worcester Art Museum is now exhibiting Megan Bent:
“I Don’t Want to Put a Silver Lining Around it.” This show will be on view from February 16- May 15, 2023.   

From the artist:

In March of 2020, my fear of catching the Coronavirus became palpable. “Don’t worry,” an acquaintance assured me “only the sick and elderly will die.” I am chronically ill and immunocompromised. I Don’t Want To Paint A Silver Lining Around It is my personal reflection of being high risk in the pandemic. It is also my response to the outside world’s demand that disabled people be acceptable losses for personal convenience or for corporate profit.

Through chlorophyll printing, which uses UV light to print photographic images directly onto leaves, I connect disability and nature to undermine stereotypical representations of disability as tragic and reframe it as a valuable part of human diversity. The chlorophyll printing process (where one print/exposure may take anywhere from 8- 72 hours) relies on flexibility, interdependence with nature, and echos my experience of the disability concept of Crip Time; living in a body/mind that values slowing down, connection, and care over speed and production.

The fact that chlorophyll prints are impermanent, and will continue to decay over time, asks the viewer to confront the interdependence and bodily impermanence we all share.

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