Artist Spotlight: Xi Nan

Artist Spotlight: Xi Nan

Black and white photo of Xi Nan, a young woman with hair pulled up in a bun standing against a white background with a slight smile

We are thrilled to introduced this month’s featured artist, Xi Nan. Xi Nan was born and raised in Jilin, China. She was selected nationally from China Disabled Person Federation to study abroad at RCN United World College in Norway and earned her International Baccalaureate degree in 2007. Xi Nan won the United States national second award of juried exhibition of emerging artists with disabilities in 2011. She completed her MFA in ceramics at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in 2015. Xi’s work has exhibited nationally (USA) including juried shows in Boston, Massachusetts; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio, Washington, DC, Long Island City, NY and Berkeley & San Francisco CA as well as Milan, Italy. Xi Nan was invited for exhibiting at the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA) in Pittsburgh, PA 2018. Most recently, Xi has been invited to present her art in the Personal Structures exhibition of the Venice 2022 Art Biennial by the European Cultural Center – Italy. She is currently a full time artist based in New York in the United States. 

From Xi Nan:

In my view, we are the architects of our own psychological spaces. We design the spaces subconsciously, and we are also the residents in our spaces as well as in reality. Sometimes, we get trapped in our own mental space, and look for the exit sign to lead the way out to a haven. In my interdisciplinary work, I invite viewers to sense and feel the fragility and vulnerability from my own experience, as well as to reflect upon their own inner struggles. At the same time, I see my work as a journey of introspection and healing.  

As a maker, I create small-scaled sculptural objects with clay and mechanical apparatus —these are metaphorical devices for me, providing form and access to reflect my inner world. I invite viewers to interact with my work through a subtle and multi-sensory experience— breath, vibration from heart beats, pulse and belief. I have created a series of multi-dimensional work by doing performance with, imagery documenting with, as well as living with in my daily life. 

I intend to address the significance of mental health for everyone, and bring in more understanding, acceptance, love and support in our society. To creating a multi-sensory platform for people to share their inner struggles without fear, shame and guilt. To allow ourselves to say “it is okay to be not okay”; to allow ourselves to ask for help; to accept ourselves as who we are; to say goodbye to the past and trust the present. 

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Image taken of two forearms with hands in fists.  Sculptural wires, filament and tubes are taped on the arms.

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